Brownsburg Girls Bowling Heads to State

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Brownsburg Girls Bowling Heads to State

Photo submitted by Anne Paddock

Photo submitted by Anne Paddock

Photo submitted by Anne Paddock

Photo submitted by Anne Paddock

Skye Wente

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Strike!  “Give me two claps and a Rick Flair!  Woo!”

This past Saturday, February 3, Brownsburg’s very own girls bowling team headed to Anderson’s Championship Lanes for the 19th annual State Bowling Competition.

With the 199 schools that participate through the season, only eight female teams and twelve male teams made it to the State competition.  Representing the girls were teams from Jasper, Franklin Central, Huntington North, Snider, Portage, Michigan City, Lake Central, and Brownsburg.  For the boys were Muncie Central, Greenfield Central, Huntington North, Terre Haute North, Griffith, Ben Davis, Warsaw, Noblesville, Evansville Central, and Anderson.

Brownsburg girls were Sectional champions this season.  With the shock of going to State, the girls played their best with the most enthusiasm they could.  The team did not expect to make it to State this year, with the loss of four seniors graduated from last year.  With only one senior, Cassie Harbin, they played the absolute best they could.

“It’s sad, but I’m pretty proud of our time.  It’s really sad though I’m trying not to cry,” Harbin said.

Photo by Skye Wente

The girls finished in 8th place in the girls section.  This may sound bad, but if you had been there, you could tell the goal was not to have the biggest score, but to be the best to themselves.  The fact that Brownsburg was able to make it to state with four team mates graduated and only one senior, the girls were phenomenal.  The team’s coach, Mike Loviscek, who is also a firefighter for Speedway, was very proud of the girls.

“Just, these girls, we nicknamed the ‘Cardiac Kids’–they never quit, they won sectionals, they finished fourth in Regionals, they finished fourth in Semi-State, and they just kept barely hanging on and kept going.  That’s what they do; they never give up.  They didn’t give up today either.  They’ll do well, and they’ll be back,” he said.

Loviscek’s history in bowling is an interesting one.  With bowling in his life for 30 years and an emotional story of how he became the coach, he was a good person to lead the team.

“This gentleman, his name was Jerry Vickery, was coaching the bowling team, and he was still coaching when I had kids, so 30 years later, he was coaching my kids bowling, as he did with me.  And Jerry got cancer, and he asked us take over, and he passed away three years ago, so, it was emotional for us.  And these girls they would play real hard, work real hard.”

The morning started with the singles tournament, which Brownsburg did not play.  Shortly after, the line-up for the team competition started.  There were twelve games altogether.  Each new game, the teams would transition a lane over.  Matt Sanders, 23-year-old 2017 PBA Harry Golden Rookie of the year, was the opening bowler for the competition.  With a professional hook shot, the night started with a strike.

With a packed building, it was hard to move to shift with the team.  Friends, family, and other students from all over Indiana were packed into the bleachers and benches.  Every now and then, when a team would get a strike, the team and their supporters would cheer as loudly as they could.  Everyone there got involved; it was contagious, and you would find yourself following the chants.

For Brownsburg, the spirit was overwhelming for a newcomer.  We even had our own mascot, a little Bulldog stuffed animal, courtesy of Harbin’s grandparents. Brownsburg was pumped.

One member of the team, sophomore Alexandria Paddock, is leaving Brownsburg and the team.  State competition was her last game with the team, and this made the day very emotional, especially for her mother, who was very emotional in Paddock’s last frame.  It seemed that that last frame was her final moment of victory and her own type of goodbye, because Paddock made the perfect strike for her team.

“My favorite thing was being the cheerleader for them all and keeping them pumped up.  I feel sad, but I feel like they needed this, to go on without me,” Paddock said.

Coach Loviscek sends a special thanks to the administration for representing the bowling team with their own trophy case.

“All we want is for the school to acknowledge that they’re representing Brownsburg to the best of their abilities and doing well.  Which they have.  I appreciate Principal Mr. Daghe, and assistant Principal Mr. Poliskie–they got us a trophy case, so we could display them, and so we really appreciate that.  As of right now, it’s under construction, so the trophies are back with us, so hopefully when they’re done with construction they’ll go back.”

To be able to join the team may be tough in high school, but if you, or someone you know is interested in bowling competition, you can get with one of the girls on the team or come to Brownsburg Bowling Alley, and they have information.  There is also a Saturday morning youth league is where they find most of their bowlers.  If you join that league, then they can recruit and start coaching earlier than high school.

Congratulations to everyone on the team for a great season:  Coach Mike Loviscek, Coach Melissa George, Coach Andy Loviscek, Emily Burlison, Cassie Harbin, Alex Paddock, Alex Ross, Maddy White, Allison Whitmire, and Lacy Zore.