Q & A with State Swimmers

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Q & A with State Swimmers

Amanda Krajlic

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Seniors Devon Anderson, Jack Kreilein, Jacob Wilson, Junior Noah Berryman, and Freshman Austin Kehr

Q: What’s something you’re looking forward to at state?

A: Austin: I’m looking forward to getting top 16 in the 100 free and break the school record for the 200 medley relay.

Devon: I’m looking forward to competing against the best of the best and dropping a tremendous amount of time.

Jack: I’m looking forward to competing at the highest level.

Noah: I’m looking forward to swimming our medley relay and my 200 IM.  I think we have a good shot getting our school record in the 200-medley relay. And our splits were not as good as we wanted them to be at sectionals and we’re looking to improve upon that.

Jacob: This is my first-year swimming individually, so I’m just excited to go and swim at state!

Q: How do you feel about swimming at state for the first time?

A:  Austin: I’m a little nervous going against all the seniors.

Noah: this is my first time going to state. I feel pretty nervous about going to state for the first time. Last year I went as an alternate, and I didn’t have anything to swim but this year I have a relay and an individual event.

Jacob: It’s pretty cool going to state after the last three years of just sitting on deck and watching everyone else do well.

Q: What’s the difference between going to state this year compared to last?

A: Devon: This year I feel like my mindset is a lot different. I definitely matured as a person. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger, better, faster, as an individual and all of my teammates have, so I feel like the mindset and how we are going into it is just going to overall improve.

Jack: I think this one might be a little more emotional. It’s my last high school meet, so I think I’m going to put everything I have into it.

Q: What’s the difference between practicing for state and practicing for a regular meet?

A: Jack: when you practice for state, you are a lot more focused on what you have to do in terms of your races at state. When you practice for any other meet, you’re just kind of going through the motions.

Noah: When we practice for a regular meet, we typically train really really hard. Training for state we bring it down, relax, and work more on technique.

Q: What are some of your goals you want to accomplish at state?

A: Austin: I would like to get top 16 in the 100 free.

Devon: I would love to drop a lot of time in my backstroke and hopefully our medley would improve a lot. Another goal of mine would be to get a club cut in the 5 free.

Jack: I would like to see our medley relay place 16th, and I would like to see all my teammates drop time and hopefully some of them can place top 16, and we would be back on Saturday.

Noah: Id like to improve upon my seed in the 200 IM and for our medley relay, I’d like for us to also improve on our seed again and try to go for the school record.

Jacob: I’d like to drop even more time from my sectional time because I’m going for the senior state cut for club.

Q: How do you get in the mindset of winning and being fast?

A: Austin: I think of stuff that angers me.  On one relay, I thought that I hate Avon and won.

Jack: I’ll spend some time before the race listening to music, getting into the zone and then I’ll stretch, I’ll make sure my body is well prepared for the race.

Noah: I kind of just try to build up a little confidence and I tell myself I worked really hard for this and that this is my moment.

Jacob: Normally I just relax and listen to music, maybe eat food.

Q: Have your nerves ever impacted how you’ve swum before?

A:  Austin: My nerves have impacted my race, but only in a good way–it pushes me to try harder.

Devon: Yes, unfortunately, they have. I DQed (disqualified) a couple relays before from false starting and after doing my 500 free, I threw up everywhere after the 200 free at sectionals this year, so now I’m remembered as the kid who threw up everywhere and stopped the meet!

Jack: Yes, sophomore year was my first time swimming, and I threw up before the race, and it was just not a good one.

Noah: Yes, I’m somebody that doesn’t really swim that well under pressure, and it’s just because I like to think a lot of things.

Jacob: Normally I’m pretty laid back at meets, but at the sectionals, I was pretty nervous for the 100 back and the long relay, and I think that probably slowed me down a bit.

Q: Lastly, what does going to state mean to you?

A: Austin: It means that I’ve proven myself more than anyone else and worked harder than anyone else.

Devon: Not many people get this opportunity to swim fast and to even compete against The Paw Printthe best of the best in the nation. Honestly, I’m just humbled to be in this position and have people look up to me!

Jack: It means that everything I’ve worked for is coming to an end, but it shouldn’t be sad, it’s something that I could look back on and say, ‘wow, you know I really did go to state all those times’!

Noah: Going to State to me means that my hard work has paid off, and it just means a lot.

Jacob: It’s pretty awesome because I’m a senior now, and I’m just happy to have made it before I graduate high school.