Student of the Week: Sophomore Kate Blanton

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Student of the Week: Sophomore Kate Blanton

Nik Apostolovski

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How does she even have time to breathe?

JV Swimmer and runner Kate Blanton, manages seven classes with two sports. With very little rest, she takes two math classes, Geometry and Algebra 2, as well as Physics, Pre-AP English, Show Choir, World History, and Spanish 2.

One math class is hard enough, now why would anyone want to take two? AP Chemistry has always been a desire for Kate, and in order to take that course, she has to take Geometry and Algebra 2 this year so that she can take Pre – Calculus as a junior and get into AP Chemistry

When asked how she manages with all the stress she stated, “I love to read, and write a lot.”

Kate will spend most of her free time from school binge-watching Netflix or watching YouTube like a typical teenager. She’ll occasionally stop by the movies or go ice skating.

Even with all the homework and stress, Kate never fails to spread a positive atmosphere with a smile. She looks most forward to choir to spread positivity with the amazing and sweet girls around her. One of her favorite reasons to come to school is for her Math classes to see her favorite teacher, Mrs. Fields.

Choir isn’t the only activity keeping Kate on her feet. Monday through Thursday, she is occupied with cross country practice after school, and she is occupied with an early wakeup on Friday for morning practice. Typically, the team will have meets on Saturdays.

As much as Kate enjoys cross country, her heart is at competitively swimming. Kate has been swimming for a team for eight years now. She is a part of cross country to build endurance and get stronger, better, and faster for the 2018-2019 swim season.

No matter the set, nothing can stop Kate from finishing a set. With a very positive mind set, she believes, “If the person in front of me can do it, so can I.”

“Swimming is a team sport, but it’s also about trying to beat yourself,” she said.

Kate has some high set goals for this season. Kate is currently a 1:29.79 on the 100-yard backstroke and is fighting herself to break 1:20. In the 50-yard freestyle, Kate currently is a 32.64 and will do everything she can to go down to 25 seconds. Managing cross country and swimming with school can be very difficult, but we wish Kate the best of luck.