Student of the Week: Freshman Kaiya Wagner

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Student of the Week: Freshman Kaiya Wagner

Loryn Fox, Writer

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            Kaiya Wagner gives the scoop on being a freshman in the crowded halls of Brownsburg High.

“Being in high school is a lot different than being in middle school–the classes are all over the place, and time management is important,” Wagner said.

            Kaiya explains she enjoys shuttling to East Middle School during the day.

“It’s definitely the three classes that I have to worry about least with getting to on time.  I don’t have to stress over getting from one side of the school to the other,” she said.

            Wagner participated in West Middle School softball and is excited to transition into high school ball.

“I’m actually really excited to play with the high school,” Kaiya said. “It’s a lot harder, but I think it will push me to be the best I can be. I’m definitely looking forward to what we will bring to this year’s season”.

            Construction isn’t a normal thing for incoming freshmen to worry about; however, Kaiya did.

“The construction is pretty loud and annoying, but it’s not too bad. I can still focus and apply myself, which is all that really matters.” she said.  “I do hate the tunnel, and I’m usually late to classes.”

            “If I could send a message to next year’s freshmen, it would be to make friends with people in your classes and to stay out of drama, drama really makes it harder on yourself,” she said.

           The biggest difference between middle school and high school?  Wagner says, “You’re more mixed in with everyone. You have lunch with most of the grades, you have classes with most of the other grades, and your teachers are counting on you to do things yourself. You’re more independent and there’s more freedom”.