Staff Member of the Week: Mrs. Carrie Rosebrock

Carrie Rosebrock

Amanda Prichard, Editor-in-Chief

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Middle school and high school often serve as the starting points for kids to figure out who they are and experiment with different looks, clubs, and sports. This is something Mrs. Carrie Rosebrock, English department head of BCSC, continues to push in herself, in school as a teacher, again as a department head, and in her own home.

It is extremely important to her that people can become their true selves and not be held back by others’ thoughts and opinions. Being about to become one’s true self impacts people’s futures and their own self-confidence.

Rosebrock found her people in middle school, but then had to move right before starting her freshman year of high school. Although it originally felt like it would be hard and she didn’t want to move, the identity she found in middle school with those friends was part of what helped her make it through the move.

One of the big lessons that Rosebrock learned from that move, along with other experiences like going to college was that “people will come and go into your life and we all have seasons and that’s okay.”

Because she knows that people don’t always stay in our lives for long, she tries to make an impact on everyone while she can. When she still taught English at a Brownsburg middle school, she had a rough experience with one of the seventh grade boys.

This student would have great days that were almost immediately followed by awful days where he would act out. One thing she kept telling herself about him, and others she taught in class was that it “isn’t about you this is about whatever terrible thing is happening in this kids life and I can’t fix that, but I can be a positive light in his life.”

Through this philosophy of hers, Rosebrock was able to form a strong relationship with, not only that student, but quite a few others. Knowing how important middle school was in her own life allowed her to better help her students.

Through her experience finding a strong friend group and having some influential teachers, she was able to put students’ well-being first and have a deeper understanding of how much of an impact she could have on the kids she taught.

Being a department head now means she can pass on her own wisdom to other teachers, whether they are brand new or have been teaching for years. Rosebrock is also able to teach her kids about her values and what she wants for them.

When talking about her greatest wish for her own kids, she said, “I want them to be their authentic selves. I do not want them to think that their job is to be like everybody else.”

Rosebrock truly cares about and thinks it’s important for everyone to be able to know their true self and be able to be that version of themselves fearlessly.