Dangers Lurking on Snapchat

Nik Apostolovski, Writer

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It’s time for bed. You close your door and get into bed as you turn off your light. Ding! Your phone light lurks into the room. It’s Snapchat: “has added you as a friend.” Do you even know this person? Social media has taken over the world…literally. Everywhere we go, we’re always connected through social media apps like Snapchat.

Senior Peyton Godfrey, a Vine star, uses Snapchat day in and day out.  Godfrey roughly has 1,000 to 2,000 people on Snapchat, which can be very dangerous considering she doesn’t know every user.

When asked if she has Snap Maps on, Godfrey said, “No, because of how many people I follow that I don’t know. It’s really creepy; it even knows when you’re driving.”

Considering she was very popular on Vine and had her account public to all, she didn’t add people she didn’t know. “No I don’t add them, because I don’t talk to them,” Godfrey said.

Opening up Snap messages can be very uncomfortable at times. Receiving unwanted pictures or threatening messages or even bullying is very common. Everyone has had that one encounter that stands out from the rest.

Something very common for Godfrey is unwanted pictures multiple times. Unwanted pictures isn’t the only problem Godfrey has had. Creeps lurk the internet day in and day out, and many people have screenshotted her story for no apparent reason.

Now, this can all cause us to be uncomfortable. Godfrey says there are ways to stay safe. For example, not letting everyone add you, or blocking anyone that is harming you in some way, whether it’s through bullying or unwanted pictures.

Even though many of us feel invincible, we’re not. Staying safe on social media is crucial, especially in the world we live in today, but luckily there are ways to stay safe.

Telling a trusted adult may cause anxiety at first, but it is the best way to help you get through a problem that you’re having on Snapchat.

There is a flag button that is used to report. Reporting can get people banned and is very effective.

One big way to stay safe is not to send something that can haunt you in the future. The world out there is cruel and vicious and always out to get you. In the cyber world, nothing is really gone for good.