On This Day in History: October 12

Anna Faulkner, Writer

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Columbus Day, which is the second Monday in October, remembers Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America on October 12th, 1492. This holiday is controversial, because the European settlement in America led to the demise of the holiday and culture of the indigenous peoples.

Some Americans celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of their country with going to church services and other public events. The state of New York and San Francisco hold large parades and celebrations. In Hawaii, Columbus Day is celebrated as Discoverers’ Day, but is not known as a state holiday.

The holiday remembers Christopher Columbus, the man that found America. However, this is controversial on many counts; there is evidence that the first Europeans to sail across the Atlantic were Vikings exploring for Scandinavia. In addition, the land had already been populated by many people, who had discovered the Americas thousands of years before.