Student of the Week: Ben Easters

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Student of the Week: Ben Easters

Nik Apostolovski, Writer

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Being the new kid isn’t always the easiest; it can be very difficult, especially coming to a big school with tons of new faces. Coming from somewhere where you call home to new surroundings is very overwhelming.

A sophomore at Brownsburg High School and football quarterback, Ben Easters, came from Noblesville, with a great life, tons of friends and a loving girlfriend.

“I didn’t really know very many people. I knew a few guys from football. Bryce Kirtz and I played 7 on 7 together, so I knew him, but I was nervous. New school, new people,” Easters said.

Easters is currently taking two very challenging classes: AP Art History and English 10 Honors.

“I’m in honors just to challenge myself,” he said.

Easters’ classes weren’t the only things challenging him. The training for the football season wasn’t easy.

“Hardest part of the football season was being the new guy. Having to learn new things, new terminology, new plays–just a lot of study by the playbook,” Easters said.

Talking to coaches and making sure he knew what to do helped Easters throughout the season.

The highlight of the season for Easters was the game against Cathedral.

“The highlight was the win against Cathedral for me. We played well, I played well. It was a really nice, signature win. Coach Hart talked about signature wins and how we didn’t really have one, and that win against Cathedral, the first home game of the season, was a big win,” he said.

Easters really enjoys school and playing football.

“I made a lot of friends here, and it’s just nice being able to talk to them,” Easters said.

Even throughout the tough training, loads of homework, and a girlfriend, Easters managed to keep over a 4.0 GPA during the season.