Popular Gift Ideas

Shelby Simons

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‘Tis the season of giving!! Everyone’s favorite time of year is finally here, and everyone’s wish lists are crammed with the hottest new gadgets of 2018. But did you remember to put these bestselling items on your list?

IPhones have taken the world by storm, and has caught our generation’s attention. PopSockets are becoming a fairly popular accessory, which can usually cost around 10 dollars and can be found at Walmart. And why not a new pair of Beats to go along with it? Beats Solo3 is a rose-gold finish, that makes the headphones look cool, and they can last 40 hours in a single charge. This wireless headset can be found in Amazon for $299.95.

For anyone who is obsessed with makeup, try out the Rose Quartz Jade Roller. One friend of mine told me that it looked like it belongs in a doctor’s office, but it’s the hottest new beauty accessory, acting as a mini face massager, that is located on amazon for $15. And what about a new makeup palette?? The Urban Decay naked cherry palette will definitely cheer you up from your boring eyeshadows with fiery neutrals. This item can be found on Nordstorm.com, and is sold for $49.

Teenage boys are hard to shop for, because you can’t actually gift wrap a meatball sub or an entire football team. So what about a fancy watch with his favorite football team?? On the NFL official website, you can find any of you favorite teams, and they only cost $29 apiece. Or what about a new pair of sneakers? After selling out in the UK, CAT Footwear made its way all over the world. By the time next month, these shoes will be all over Instagram and will be the talk for the next few weeks. You can find these shoes at Urbanoutfitters.com for $100.

And last but certainly not least, this year has had some of the biggest video games since 2013. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Celeste, and Spiderman were the highest selling games on the list, and God of War even won 2018’s game of the year award. These games can cost up to $60, unless you are looking for a special or collector’s edition, which you should expect to be close to $100. Of course, you’ll need a fast, cutting-edge system to keep up with all of the gaming. An Xbox can cost around $199, while a PlayStation 4 Pro can average around $229. Though the PlayStation is a higher price, it comes with numerous famous exclusives, like The Last of Us and its highly-anticipated upcoming sequel, and the Uncharted series that has been the highlight of the PlayStation. Though Microsoft’s Xbox doesn’t have many exclusives, it runs with more space and faster internet speed.

So, for any of you that possibly don’t have a large gift list, just take into consideration these items! I’m sure these are all something that you will use on a daily basis. And remember: make sure you’ve been good this year, because he’s checking his list twice, and won’t give you a cool stocking stuffer, like one if the gifts above, if you’ve been bad. So pass your finals, get passing grades, and you’ll be on the road to success.