The Life of Student Journalists

Anna Faulkner

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As far as newspaper class goes-we are all about letting our creative juices flow. It’s about seeing the potential in every story, in everyone. We aspire to recruit the brightest minds to develop thought-provoking tales to wow our readers. And we find those minds right here in our school. We believe everyone has that potential so long as they give it their all. We’ve read breathtaking stories from people right here in the school.

This class is more than just a class, this is a chance to get creative and to learn new skills that you have yet to unleash. You get to learn how to do InDesign and to put together a story based on the way journalists write their stories. We dive deeper into the realm of creativity.

Newspaper is more than words on a page, it’s about connecting with others through our words. We create stories that we believe Brownsburg students want to hear. We dive deeper into the lives of others through interviews, Ask Alice, Student of the week, etc.

We strive to better ourselves as writers, friends, and people. We want others to join the newspaper staff, so that they can have a taste of the life of journalists. Our stories may be small, but they take a whole lot of effort and we hope to better ourselves day after day, as people and writers.