Comic-Con: A Peek Into Nerd Culture

Jordan Ludlow

Many people who label themselves as nerds or geeks have gone to a comic convention, or are planning to do so at least once in their lifetime. Events like these are a pivotal point in nearly every comic book lover’s life. But why? What makes a comic book convention so great to those in the community? What is a comic book convention?

A comic book convention is a huge event celebrating comic books, letting all geeks alike come together to bond over their mutual adoration for visual novels. Whether it’s Marvel, DC, webcomic, or physical novel, it is welcome and nothing is excluded. Merchandise such as figures, costume props and artwork are some of the various things one can find in a convention center (and that is only scratching the surface). Famous actors such as Michael Rooker (known for playing as Yondu from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and Ron Pearlman (known for playing Hellboy) have been there.

Besides the actors and merch, there is the one thing that stands out the most at any convention, and that is the cosplay.

Cosplay is a large subculture that has been around since the 1900s, and the popularity of it has existed for decades. The word itself is a combination of two words, “costume” and “play”. This gives a pretty good explanation as to what individuals in this community do. They dress up as characters from books, cartoons, anime or video games and often take photos with other cosplayers or roleplay as the character they are dressing up as. To those in the community, it can either be a fun hobby or a serious part of their life, but either way, it plays a big part in how they express themselves.

Elijah Furuhness, a student at BHS, explains what cosplay means to him.

“I find it to be a fun medium for self expression and also an interesting challenge to actually make outfits conceptually, before trying to actually make them,” he said.

Another phenomenal cosplayer, a home-schooled student named Emilia Miller, shared her opinion on cosplay.

“I think costumes are really fun, but I don’t often get the chance to dress up, so events such as Comic-Con are really exciting,” she said. Although I’ve never been to one, it’s a really exciting place to ponder and express your creativity in. If you want to wear giant armor, wear giant armor. it’s about having fun.

“The cosplay community is a hub for self-expression and creative minds who value it very much and spend a great deal of time working on their costumes. It is a large part of geek culture.”