The True Zodiacs

Hailey Miller

Have you ever thought about whether you actually relate to your Zodiac sign?  Some students at BHS do.

Caitlyn Burks is a Leo. Leos are known to be stubborn and dramatic. They easily fall into theater and acting, and when asked about this, she confirmed.

“Oh totally. I do not admit that I’m wrong–it physically hurts me to,” she said. “You know when you’re arguing with someone and in the middle of it you realize they’re right and you should stop, that makes me even more mad. So I realize that I’m wrong, and I’m like ‘no’.”

Leos are also known to be very prideful, and they realize that people are watching them. Burks proved this to be true as well when she was asked if she would let a friend pay for her.

“It depends. If it’s cheap and I can pay them back soon, then yeah, I’ll go. But if it’s something expensive, like a fancy dinner, I’ll be like ‘no I’m sorry I can’t go.’ The other day my friend bought me a $5 dollar breakfast, but if it was anything more, I totally would not have gone.

Leos hate being honest about their feelings and don’t like appearing weak. Does Burks?

“Yes, definitely. I mean, sometimes when I’m mad, I’ll like snap, but that’s only people I’m really close with that I can trust to not think I’m psycho . But I definitely don’t like showing people if I’m sad or something because I feel like that makes me look kind of pathetic.

“I do not understand when people do not believe in astrology,” she said. “I’m totally a Leo. I act like one exactly.”

Virgos, no matter how hyper they can be, are actually the border between extrovert and introvert.

“If people come up to me and talk to me, then I talk to them back. I just stand in the corner sometimes,” said Saydee Miller, a virgo.

Virgos also have the worst resting face.

“When I’m walking down the hallway, people are always like, ‘are you mad’ or ‘why does your face look like this’. I think I look chill,” Miller said.

The biggest thing about Virgos is that they’re really sensitive and analyze everything.

“I think way too much. Sometimes I overthink,” she said.

Virgos are also known to be really smart, but to this, Miller said, “No, I’m not a nerd.”