Unpopular Opinions

Patience King, Writer

Participants were asked the following question:
Do you have any unpopular or controversial opinions you’d be willing to share?

“The only purpose of police is to generate revenue for the state. A cop on a motorcycle pulls you over for not wearing a seatbelt. Texting and driving is a crime, but cops use their computers while they zip down the road. Police demanding speed traps to be taken off Google Maps, even though it’s making people follow the speed limit. It’s not about safety. It’s about money.” -Noah King, 21, piercer

“I am adamantly Pro-Life, like even in a case of rape or incest. I think life begins at conception and you shouldn’t punish a child for the sins of their parents. I think it should only be permissible in instances where the mother’s life is at risk, for example with an ectopic pregnancy.” -Owen Powell, 22, farm hand

“Assisted suicide should be legal for all consenting adults. If you do not have the freedom to choose when your life ends then they can leave you to suffer as long as they deem necessary. You can not truly know what is going through that other person’s life to be able to determine for them when their life ends. As long as they are conscious, knowing, and consenting, a legal adult should be able to go through the process of legal suicide.” -Riley Fleck, 22, delivery driver

“Banning AR’s will not help our gun violence problem. Gun violence in America is not the pressing problem it’s made out to be. Of the reported 30, 000 deaths a year, more than 60% of them are suicides. On top of that 60%, another portion is also accidental deaths and deaths related to law enforcement. Banning assault rifles will never fix the problem, because there isn’t one. The problem is the lack of mental health care.” -Anonymous, 15

“Most of the time abortion is wrong unless it’s from rape or the baby will be horribly physically or mentally disabled. It’s literally a life, not a parasite, as some like to call it. It’s literally defenseless against all abuse. It’s still a sentient human, innocent. And I think its horribly cruel to make a woman give birth to a rape baby. Although a human, for both the mother AND child; if they ever find out that they are the product of a rape then the mental trauma comes in. Same for the mother. A constant reminder of something that’s possibly one of the worst things you can do to anyone.” -Anonymous, 22

“I’m pro-choice, their body their choice. So like, if a person gets pregnant and they don’t want the baby because of financial reasons, the baby would grow up with a very poor life. Or maybe they got raped and maybe that’s why the person got pregnant, that would be a constant reminder of the rape. Or if they just don’t want a baby. Maybe they aren’t in a good place, or just aren’t emotionally ready or old enough.” -Myles Moore, 15

“What if somebody can’t support a child or physically handle giving birth? Some people could always adopt the child, sure, but the thing is you can’t force a mother who doesn’t want to have a child. Even if it’s a potential person, another person’s political views shouldn’t not affect the choice of a person who cannot have a child for their own personal reasons. As a female I would be angry and disgusted if another’s political view is gonna stop me from making a choice for aborting.” -Zuleymi Rivera, 15

“I am adamant in my stance that the government no longer services the purpose of defending and regulating it’s people effectively and that we need to do as the declaration of independence has instructed of the citizens of our great nation.We need to clear out all the money laundering, self-serving, criminally intent people currently in the office. When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariability the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.” -Anonymous, 21