The After-Halloween Funk

Em Eades, Writer

Ah, Halloween. The one time of year that you can get free candy anywhere, and everywhere. Spookiness for two whole months. All that preparation for one day. When the day finally comes, you aren’t disappointed. Its epic. Then November 1st hits. Then everyone hits the After-Halloween Funk.

The time of year where you get sad because there’s no more spooky times, and everyone starts talking about Christmas. Nobody likes that.

So here I am with tips to escape the After-Halloween Funk

TIP #1

Candy is there for a reason. To eat out your feelings, of course! Candy is the best way to feel better, especially if it’s your favorite.

TIP #2

Just because it’s not spooky season doesn’t mean you can’t be spooky. Be as spooky as you want. Spook it up, my man.

TIP #3

Plan for Halloween next year! It can always be Halloween in your heart!

Good luck my spooky people!