Disney Plus: A State-of-the-Art Streaming Service

Emma Wiliford, Writer

Streaming services are all the rage in recent days. With huge services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, it’s hard to compete. However, there is one company that’s name can strike fear into the “hearts” of these corporations.

Of course, that name is Disney. After pulling Disney-owned titles from most streaming services, Disney has compiled countless media onto its own program. Endless hours of streaming onto a clean, nicely-formatted program.

Disney Plus was released on November 12. As of November 14, it had around 3.2 million downloads. It’s extremely popular for a reason. This spick and span provider is perfect for kids and adults alike. For anyone, even from ages 1-100. Disney Plus has classic films and shows spanning from their first cartoons in the 1920’s to 2019.

Not only does Disney have an abundance of movies and shows to choose from, but they’ve also been remastered. With old, forgotten cartoons and live action pieces, Disney Plus has finally given them a chance to be updated into high quality for the longing fans.

With these pieces finally being able to see the light of day, older Disney fans and general fans of the older Disney media are ecstatic about being able to see the oldies with today’s digital remastering technology.

Before Disney Plus, random Disney titles were scattered across different streaming services, making it extremely difficult to find all of the Disney media to watch. Not only are there classic animated Disney movies, but there’s also Disney-owned properties such as Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. These programs and flicks have never been so accessible and gathered together in one place.

From the timeless classics to the new shows and movies available on Disney Plus, you’ll have months of shows and movies to look forward to. Disney Plus is already a tough competitor for other streaming services, and Disney fans all around the world are ecstatic about the well-made Disney Plus service. Entertainment from one of the most famous companies out there, all in one simple software.

TV shows exclusive to Disney Plus are also clean cut, and scheduled. Show episodes are expected to be released weekly, whereas with Netflix you have to wait until the entire season is over for the episodes to be added for binge-watching. Once again, Disney is surprising everyone with something brand new. A streaming service for a single film company has never been done before. With Disney Plus, there is finally a clean-cut home for these pieces to be easily found and enjoyed by eager audiences.