Driving During Winter

Shelby Simons

Every year, you’ll see cars stranded along side roadsides because the owner’s vehicle breaks down during the cold winter months. Sometimes it’s due to an accident; other times breakdowns happen because a car isn’t properly maintained. Regardless, there are important precautions you can take, along with some items to keep with you in case these situations occur.

Lauren Sturgeon, 2019 graduate of BHS, gives tips to students and faculty to better prepare themselves for the  hazards the winter season brings.

“Driving in winter weather, I always made sure my tank was more than half full,” Sturgeon said.  “I have a blanket in the trunk, and gloves and a hat. Keep a granola bar in the console in case you get into an accident.

She proceeded to give tips when it comes to safe driving.

“When you hit ice patches, pump your breaks and don’t turn your wheel. Go at least eight under the speed limit and give yourself an extra ten minutes when you’re going somewhere. Keep an ice scraper in your back seat, and drive severely offensively!”

From everyone at The Paw Print, please take caution and understand the risks of driving, and please drive safely!