New Year’s Resolutions

Summer Ballock

With January coming to an end, many of the gyms’ attendance rates are about to go down. For most people, it’s a tradition to make a resolution or goal for the new year. But recently it has become more popular to pick just one word for the new year. With picking the word, you think about it for the rest of the year as a reminder as to why you picked the word. Goals for a lot of people can be hard to meet. But by picking a word, you can grow yourself without bringing too much stress along with it.

“New Year’s resolutions are pointless; the date has changed and [they’re] only because of that. I think it’s idiotic to try improve yourself for the hype,” said Sophomore Zuleymi Rivera.

She brings up a good point that a lot of the time people make goals for the hype because once they meet it, they get praised. But why should you have to change yourself just for people to think you’re bettering yourself? Picking a word can help you not just mentally but physically too. Thinking of your word can push you to keep to your goal of being more fit or eating healthier.

Senior Erin Upton chose her word—” purpose”. When asked why, she answered, “This year is really memorable and it can be really stressful if I let the amount of change consume me and my mindset.” She began to talk about how she always wants to remember that there is a purpose for her change. She’s really bringing the reason for picking a word to life, to live life with goals and not cause too much stress. To grow herself in the best way possible without being showy about it.

Junior Ryland Carson chose “confidence” as his word.

“We need to be ourselves and not get offended over what people say,” he said. He chose his word to inspire not just himself, but others. He wants to be able to help himself and others be confident in not only the way they look but what they do, to do it with a passion

Though it may be the end of January and beginning of February, it’s not too late to pick your word.
Examples of words you may pick.

Preserve- Keep your head up and remember what you’re in it for.
Breathe- Deep breaths, try to calm down before you get angry or upset.
Purpose- Everything happens for a reason; you will find your way.
Reason-Is there a reason behind what you’re doing, or how you’re feeling?
Focus-Focus on your goals. Focus on what you’re doing in that moment.