The Hype Around Fictional Pop Stars

Joel Ludlow, Writer

There is an attraction that has been evident in the U.S. as of late, and it is revolving around pop stars. This would be fair, as it is common for us as people to be drawn to idols and those who are influential, until we come to the discovery that these pop stars do not exist.

Fictional idols, like that of the digital Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, have enchanted others from different countries such as the U.S., despite originating in Japan. Perhaps it is the otherworldly clothing she dawns, the unique music created by the enormous fanbase, or just the fascination that comes with the technology behind Miku. Any of these reasons could be the cause of the immense popularity of fictional pop stars amongst people today.

An article titled Virtual Idols Bring New Life To The Entertainment Industry states this as a possible reason as well: “With the support of digital technology, virtual stars are free from all the physical and spatial restraints imposed upon real singers. They are able to absorb new performing styles in no time, change costumes at a snap of the fingers, and generate songs with the help of their ever-growing fan base.”

Ryan Miller, a junior at BHS, gives his input on why he believes that fictional popstars are so popular.

“Maybe it’s something new and fresh? Nothing is really similar to Vocaloid, so maybe that’s why it’s popular,” he said.

The Vocaloids and other fictional popstars are quite unlike anything we have ever seen before in the entertainment industry, with amazing technology behind them and a unique look to them that is almost inhuman. People are drawn to the things that are strange and far from the norm.