Opinion: The Worst Generation to Exist

Nik Apostolovski

Generation Z. From 1995-2015. Quite literally the worst generation. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a Gen Z-er. One or two people can’t speak for everyone is fair, but time has shown us time and time again that Generation Z is utterly stupid. If you’re 5-25, then you fall into this category. This age gap is exactly where all elementary, middle, and high school students are in today.

In 1979, 60 percent of teens had a part-time job. Today, the number has staggered to a nauseating 34 percent. That’s a whopping 26 percent drop from previous age groups. What could cause that? The answer is beyond obvious. It’s laziness; teens are increasingly becoming more and more lazy as time passes.

Roughly 55 percent of high school teens play a sport. That leaves 45 percent of teens potentially with more free time. That leaves hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions, of teens to be unemployed. Which if you ask me, it’s pathetic.

One big problem, one of the biggest problems besides being lazy, is smoking/vaping. Smoking a cigarette isn’t necessarily “cool” anymore; however the use of JUUL, vape pens, vape mods, Suorin’s, and many more have been seen as “cool” in the recent years.

As a 17-year-old in high school, I’ve never given in to trying these things. Peer pressure hasn’t been as big of an issue for me as it is for others. We can all say that we’ve had to deal with peer pressure one point in our lives, whether it was trying a new kind of drug, or following a group of people to do something, just because they’re doing it.

During sophomore year, as a 15-year-old, I went to my friend’s 17th birthday party. We were chill, and I had nothing to do, so why else wouldn’t I go? Mid-party, one of our friends said that he had to go outside quickly to get something. I really wasn’t thinking anything of it, until he brought in a bag of weed. Even being 15, I just called my mom to pick me up. Things like that are utterly stupid.

So why do we do things like this? Why can we not have a normal party and just play games and have fun? Why does everything nowadays have to involve drugs? The answer remains with the people who do it.

A few months ago, my friend and I went to the Brown Elementary park, across from Brownsburg High School. As we were there, some older elementary kids pulled up to the park. I see how times are different now than what I used to know it as, so I had to ask them. “Do you guys know what a JUUL is, or vaping?”  They said yes.  I asked, “Do kids in school use JUUL?”  They said yes.

Now this….this shocked me. A simple question, that I wasn’t expecting a “yes” to. When I was in 5th grade, at least when most of us were in 5th grade, “shut-up” was a bad word. What happened to “don’t say the s – word”? Now we have these kids, aged 10 or 11, who are using these types of drugs.

Realistically, we are their role models. A lot of little kids will look up to us, and want to be like us, and we are the ones setting that example for them. Do we really want that?

Besides smoking and all of that, phone usage has become a hazardous issue in the recent decade. 53 percent of kids have a phone by age 11. I received a phone when I was 10; I’m using one right now, and so are you. Everyone has phones, and it has obviously been a huge problem in the past. I can say that I’m addicted to it; however, you’re probably lying to yourself if you say that you’re not.

Phones have been linked to depression because of excessive use. The constant use of phones makes us dependent on our phones, waiting for a notification, that one Instagram like. It’s all about our phones now, and we can’t seem to live without them.

This is why, we are utterly, the worst generation.