Disney Plus vs. Netflix

Hannah Phegley

The phenomena of streaming services are something that has taken over the mainstream media. With Disney releasing its streaming service Disney Plus, the constant question is:  which is better? Netflix, or its competitor Disney?

The most significant difference between the two is the content. When it comes to what is offered on the platform, it is all up to branding. They offer “Disney classics, Pixar adventures, Marvel epics, National Geographic explorations, and more.” (Disney Plus).

As said, Disney has the rights to anything and everything Disney. The brand itself owns a large amount of production companies that make up some of the world’s most popular content. The most popular shows and movies include “Avengers Infinity War”, “Toy Story”, and “Star Wars”.

For this lineup of entertainment, you pay “12.99 a month for Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN+.”

This price gives you many options and according to a survey conducted at Brownsburg High School, 21 percent of people preferred Disney over Netflix.

When it comes to other large companies, Netflix is where it is at. This brand carries shoes and movies from gossip, documentaries, and thrillers, to action and romance. With the variety of content, Netflix has stayed at the top of the streaming food chain for a number of years. In the same survey conducted at BHS, 79 percent of people chose Netflix over Disney Plus. And similarly to Disney, Netflix charges “12.99 a month.”

Both entertainment sources cost the same but are different. Whether you prefer the classic Disney movie, or thriller from Netflix, it is all up to personal preference.