All Lunches and Breakfast at BCSC are Free, starting Sept. 21

Luke Kiritschenko

Recently, all parents of a child enrolled in a BSCS school received a very important notification regarding their child’s lunches. Completely out of the blue, all lunches and breakfast provided by the school have been made free, starting 9/21/2020. This change has come from a decision made by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), to offer schools nationwide the option to accept waivers that effectively make all meals free. The USDA is the federal authority on all school meal programs. There will be absolutely no increase in money required from BHS parents, as this new program is funded ENTIRELY by the federal government.

According to the BCSC website, al a carte items (i.e extras and extra entrees), will still be offered at full price, however all the basic meals (entree, fruit, and milk) will be completely free. However, the plan is set to end around December 31st, or before winter break. This an estimated date, which means the money could run out anytime before then. After winter break, the lunch prices will revert entirely back to normal and students who normally receive free or reduced lunch will still have those options.

Parents seem to get the better end of this bargain, as all students who purchased lunches from July 30th through the present day will have the money spent reimbursed into their account. The money can then be transferred back into a parents account through a form on the BHS website.

At home learned will not receive the short end of the stick, as lunch and breakfast will be offered free of charge at Harris academy from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

If students would rather their spent lunch funds go to a better cause, they could be transferred to the BCSC Hunger Free Fund, which supports BHS students who require meal assistance in the future.