Wacky State Laws

Jimmy Loviscek

Here are the most weird and bizarre laws that are actually a thing in certain states. In Indiana, you are required by law on Friday the 13th to put a bell on your black cat because it is a sign of bad luck according to some people. It’s a superstition today.

The next weird and bizarre state law is in New Hampshire it is forbidden to collect seaweed from the beach at night. Why would anyone be out at night collecting seaweed, and if they are, why does it matter when they do it? You think it wouldn’t matter that much, but in some places it does.

The next odd state law is in New York with a bagel tax law. If you order a sliced bagel in New York City, a square deal: “altered” bagels (sliced, toasted, or served with cream cheese, etc.) carry an eight cent sales tax. Uncut bagels are typically tax exempt.  What is the point of taxing bagels if it is just food that everyone eats every day?

In Oklahoma, it is unlawful to wrestle a bear. Who would even do that in the first place? It is dumb of someone to fight a bear. They are raising some wild kids over in Oklahoma if they are willing to try and do this.

Lastly, in the state of Indiana, you are allowed to keep a pet otter. Now everyone that is just figuring this out now wants to go get an otter, and who wouldn’t want to get one? They’re the best and cutest animals around. Pretty cool to know you could have a pet otter, and it isn’t illegal.