Prom 2021

Hannah Phegley

As it gets closer and closer to prom time, students at BHS are dying to know the details of Prom 2021.

Up until the most recent weeks, nothing has been said about this important high school tradition. But, this week, BHS Chain Link has answered the people’s questions.

As of the most recent Chain Link meeting, this year’s 2021 prom will be for seniors only. This is in response to Covid-19 regulations and safety for all the students that may attend. Although BHS’s juniors may be upset, the school is focused on allowing this year’s seniors to have a somewhat normal high school experience. Information such as dates and other plans have not been fully confirmed and should be by April.

This year, schools will need to confirm their plans with the Indiana Health Department on regulations and safety. This is in correlation with concern for student, staff, and public health.

Other high schools have confirmed similar plans, only allowing seniors. It has been heard that surrounding schools will have a prom where students stay around a certain group of people the entire night. This is for contract tracing and student safety. Will BHS mirror these regulations? Only time will tell.