Kellin’s Four Favorite Things of 2017

As 2018 begins, I take a look back at my favorite movie, TV show, video game, and podcast of 2017.

Kellin Cremeens, Writer

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Movie: Logan

The superhero genre of movies is, arguably, a staple of modern Hollywood. It’s been around for decades and doesn’t show signs of stopping. Marvel is releasing, on average,  3 movies a year, with at least six more on the way. DC has a planned 18 movies coming out over the next decade (whether they are capable of making them has yet to be seen, but that’s a discussion for another article). When there’s a seemingly never-ending stream of these movies coming out, there needs to be variety. There needs to be a movie unlike the dozens of others that came before; a movie that’s willing to flip the genre on its head to tell a unique story. Enter Logan. Logan works as both a send-off for Hugh Jackman, and as a send-off to the Wolverine. The story is tragic but still has glimmers of hope spread throughout, making it one of the best movies of the year.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: My 2nd favorite movie of the year is, somewhat ironically, Logan Lucky. Funny, clever, and surprisingly poignant, Logan Lucky is just a whole lot of fun.


TV Show: Mr. Robot (Season 3)

Mr. Robot, after a second season that was largely set up and exposition, returns with a paranoid, intense, and compelling third season. The season follows Elliot, an IT-expert-turned-hacker activist. The previous seasons have seen him attempting to start a nation-wide revolution, taking down the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent. However, in this season, he is attempting to undo his work, having to work against a mysterious terrorist group, his own friends, and even himself. The standout episode is episode 5, as Elliot rushes to stop a bombing, while evading security and a riot. The episode is representative of the entire show: tense, paranoid, and thrilling. This year cemented Mr. Robot as the best show on TV.

HONORABLE MENTION: I originally had American Vandal as my favorite, but, after catching up on season 3, Mr. Robot just barely beat it out. American Vandal is a vulgar, hilarious, and sometimes thrilling satire of the “true-crime” phenomenon, and I highly recommend it.


Game: Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

The world of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is, for all intents and purposes, a nightmare. It’s 1960’s America, but a warped dystopian version. In the alternate reality of Wolfenstein, the Nazis won World War II. There’s an armed SS soldier on every street corner, portraits of Hitler decorate the interiors of buildings, and members of the KKK walk the streets worry-free. A worrying large portion of the American population, whether through fear or genuine happiness, has accepted their new overlords. The good news? Wolfenstein: The New Colossus puts you in the shoes of William Joseph (BJ) Blazkowicz, someone who is very much not okay with the new management. Wolfenstein is a compelling, angry, and sometimes hilarious story of revolution in the face of absolute evil.


Podcast: The Adventure Zone 

This one is a tough sell; 60+ hours of three brothers playing Dungeons and Dragons with their father. But what starts as a silly comedy podcast becomes a compelling story of adventure, tragedy, and family. The Adventure Zone balances hilarious goofs (Garfield, yes that Garfield, is a recurring character), with moments of dramatic tension, making it one of the most interesting and exciting stories of the year.