Humans of BHS: Sam Cordy


Kyle Phillips, Staff Writer

Sam Cordry, senior at BHS, is in a million “things,” as he explained in our eighteen-minute interview. But the “things” that he does are band, orchestra, robotics, tackling a heavy course load and working. One of the things that I asked him about was what he likes to do in his free time. “Who has time for those?” was the response.
Prying for more about what he likes to do whenever he isn’t solving an advanced math problem or writing an essay, Cordy explalined that he likes “Movies and shows that make you think rather than passive stuff. I really enjoyed [Inception] from a young age.”

One of his major focuses is music with a lot of time devoted to both band and orchestra. When asekd about his favorite song, Cordy responded, “I feel like I’m obligated to say this. Part 3 of the marching band show. I had a french horn solo, so love that part.” He also delved into the lore behind songs that they played and is very knowledgeable about the song’s history. During the interview, he was able to delve into the history of two songs that he played in orchestra: “Finlandia” and “Schubert’s Symphony no. 8.”

Other than music, Cordy has another major focus on STEM. He manages a heavy course load and is also in robotics. “Winning a robotics competition would be great. If only they would give up the flipping robot.” Another topic that he put his STEM knowledge to was the debate on whether there are more wheels or doors. “We determined that if you define a wheel as anything that is round or spherical in shape and that has the ability to roll, and if doors are anything that you can open

, that is pivoted on one side, so it opens into some other space, like cabinet doors would count, things like that. Wheels would have to take it, because there are just a ton of ball bearings in the world.” This conversation “took way too long considering what it was, but that’s me, and my friends. Let’s get stuck on the smallest of little things that don’t matter at all, but let’s figure out some solution too.”