Humans of BHS: Senior Nick Ponti Romeo Beats


“Right now, I’m just making music because that’s what I like, and I love making music. Having the feeling of making something and then having other people hear it and enjoy it, that’s the cherry on top. You made something from scratch and have someone else enjoys.”

Jase Stone, Staff Writer

-What does an average school day look like for you?
“Average school day is wake up, go to school, do my schoolwork, and this year since its senior year, it’s been a lighter workload. So, that means less homework.”

-What are your special interests or hobbies?
“Music. I really enjoy playing guitar and listening to older music that has guitar in it and making beats on my laptop and posting them on social media.”

-When did you start making beats and what type of music do these beats fall under?
“I probably started about two years ago, and first I started on GarageBand on my phone and just all of those beats were terrible, but you got to start somewhere. After that I downloaded a music software on my computer called FL Studio, and I have been using that for a year and a half. They follow mainly under like either trap, rap, hip-hop or sometimes r&b, and sometimes I make lo-fi stuff. But mainly trap, rap and hip-hop.”

-What goals do you have when you graduate high school in May?
“I’m going to Purdue to study music technology as my major. I really want to work in a recording studio and produce music for bands and artists. One other thing I want to try out too is maybe write music for movies like marvel, drama movies, really any type of movie. Or another option I thought about is doing audio for TV channels like ESPN or CBS.”