Humans of BHS: Gavin Coggan

Caleb Peschke, Editor-in-chief

Gavin Coggan is one of our outstanding students here at BHS. In the most recent class scheduling conferences with the schools’ counselors, it was learned that he is at the top of the Freshman class. Being the only one of his classmates taking the AP classes possible, AP World and AP CSP, he already has a great start to his high school education.

In addition to this, Coggan is not only one of the top athletes on the Brownsburg Swimming and Diving team, but he is also off participating in medieval sword fighting when he is not dedicating his time there. This is commonly known as fencing, and it has become a renowned sport. It has been a part of the Olympics since the summer Olympics in 1896.

“I have always been into sports, not the mainstream sports, but I liked the idea of fencing. It does not need much of a time commitment. It is about 1.5 hours per week. I only do it once a week for that short period. I go fencing at Indy Fencing in Noblesville, as it is the closest place that offers HEMMA fencing. HEMMA is not very popular, but it can range from 4-10 people,” Coggan said on the matter.

It is not an intricate part of Coggan’s life, but it is different.

“It is not competitive, and we are mainly focusing on getting better and having fun. I have been fencing for nearly two years. At this point, I do not put much time into it because of swimming. My goals are to become the best I can be in the short term. You cannot effectively measure improvement. My long-term goals are to be competitive in the sport,” Coggan said.

Brownsburg has a history of creating strong-minded individuals as they go off from their educational path. They set themselves off on a journey that can include further education, employment, enlisting or ways of life. He would like to pursue Biochemistry in the future. Coggan is one of the students that will enter the world with a strong mind academically, athletically and socially.