Humans of BHS: Juliana Ramirez


Aissatou Barry, Staff Writer

Introducing Juliana Ramirez, a sophomore here at BHS! Juliana is a hardworking person and a dedicated dancer with an amazing and bright personality. She does all types of styles ranging from Jazz to Ballet. Rameriz says, “Usually right after school I go to dance for about 4 to 6 hours everyday.” As a talented young woman, Ramirez says she’s been doing dance for about nine years. She recalls how she got into dance: “When I was [younger] I really got into Just Dance, and so my mom put me in some dance classes, and I’ve been dancing ever since.”

Starting dance at a young age, Ramirez says her favorite thing about dance is how she was able to “grow really fast and getting pretty good fast [as well].” She also added, “I love seeing myself grow and I love to feel like I’ve grown. It overall makes me really happy.”

Ramirez loves dance with a passion, and with the different styles she does, it’s almost impossible for her to choose her favorite, but Juliana said, “If I had to choose, it would probably be between Jazz and Contemporary. Mainly because I love how the movements feel; Jazz has a faster beat while Contemporary is a bit slower.”

But there are some struggles with dance. “When you can’t get a move right, it’s so frustrating, and it gets me so mad. But I practice over and over again to get it down. And one of the toughest parts is when you can’t get that move right but you’re so close.” To overcome it Ramirez says, “I usually take a break, you know, sit down and clear my head then go back and try again.” She adds on to say, “By doing that, it has helped me grow as a person and cope with my feelings.”

Like every high school student, she is swarmed with tons of work and deadlines, so how does she deal with the stress of school? Ramirez says that, “[Dance] gives me less stress and something to look forward to after school.” She also says, “I love how I can go in while having a bad day and come out happy. I just loose it all!” Dance itself has many interpretations and a clear emotion is vivid throughout it. Ramirez says, “It helps me feel better, and when I’m dancing, it makes me let go and I can express my emotions without using my words, which is pretty cool!”

The major thing Ramirez says that she takes away with dance is the following: “Happiness… Dance gives me so much joy.” With this passion Ramirez has already thought about her future in life. She plans to “eventually move out to Las Vegas and have a show girl type thing.”