Humans of BHS: Jackson Kerr and The Grandma Doris Club

Mitchell Velikan, Design Editor

Freshman Jackson Kerr and his group of friends have a new group emerging. Is this club based on sports, video games, math? No. The club is created to worship Jackson’s Grandma Doris. “So basically, my Grandma’s name is Doris, and we all worship her because that’s what she deserves cause she’s the goat,” Kerr said.

Freshman, and member of the Grandma Doris Club, Gavin Barnes chimes in. “We all love Grandma Doris. She’s awesome so we made a club about it, because we love her so much.”

“She is super laid back and funny,” said Kerr. “She doesn’t understand anything, and she just laughs at everything. She always gives you a hug when you see her and even if she doesn’t know what you’re saying, she’ll laugh at it, and she’ll laugh at herself because she doesn’t know what she’s saying.”

The club is formed around the ideals of respecting Grandma Doris and having as much fun with her as possible. “It’s kinda a joke but at the same time it’s serious,” Kerr said.

In the coming year, they have plans of widening their group and branching off into merchandise. “We’re getting t-shirts. Jackson already has one,” said Barnes. “We’re getting more, and we’re gonna put them on amazon and hopefully get stickers of her face.”

Kerr chimed in saying, “we want to start spreading them around to people.”

While they do plan on growing, Kerr and Barnes do say that it isn’t for everyone. “It’s a pretty exclusive club,” Barnes said. “Mainly Jackson and I are a part of it.”

Kerr agreed saying, “You gotta show your respects to her so we know that you actually care about the club. You gotta be real about it. Lots of people think they’re in it, but they’re really not because they don’t fully respect it and do what it takes to be a part of it.”

Kerr said that the club has brought him closer to his Grandma. “It made me realize that I need to spend more time with her and have as much fun with her as possible.”

Gavin continued saying, “Yeah, my grandmas are both three hours away, so I feel like she’s my Grandma too, like my town Grandma. I love her.”

That’s what Jackson Kerr and the Grandma Doris Club stand for: love, respect, and having fun with your Grandparents.