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Scent-sational Heroes

Unleashing the untold stories of police dogs
K9 Kya stays at BEMS primarily. She works to keep the whole Brownsburg School Corporation safe one paw at a time!
Charlotte Woodruff
K9 Kya stays at BEMS primarily. She works to keep the whole Brownsburg School Corporation safe one paw at a time!

Imagine a world where heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Meet the unsung champions with four paws and a wagging tail – police dogs! These remarkable creatures aren’t just your ordinary “working animals.” They possess an extraordinary combination of intelligence, loyalty and courage. In their relentless pursuit of justice, police dogs undergo rigorous training, including the use of decoy scents. Police dogs are present in Brownsburg schools too. Now introducing, Kya: the single purpose K9!  

Owner and Officer Corey Hill recalls the first time he met Kya: “I got Kya from the Kennel Fawn Lick; they specialize in police dogs.” Prior to Kya, Hill had owned another dog. Her name was Callie. “She was good at her job but when she was distracted, she couldn’t push through,Hill stated. So instead, he began his training with Kya. She could use her nose to find all sorts of things,” Hill said. 

In the world of police dogs, training decoy scents are a game-changer! “If I have 10 tables and chairs, and I have the odor in one of the tables and chairs, you’re going to notice how differently Kya acts when she finds the odor, Hill explained. 

 Whereas Kya is outgoing and active on the job and in training, she is like a whole other dog beyond the badge. She does not love the attention of being a traditional pet,Hill stated. When a lot of people are around, she’ll bury her head in the officer’s legs. “When Kya is anxious, she seeks me,” Hill said. 

Through her intensive training and the use of decoy scents, Kya, along with all the other paw-some K9s, continues to redefine what it means to be a “working animal.” These diligent creatures sniff out justice and protect the community. Besides being working animals, they are true heroes with a wagging tail.  

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    SarahNov 30, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    What a great article! What talented dog! So informative and Thank You!