2018-2019 Staff

Amanda Prichard


Amanda Prichard is the editor-in-chief of the Paw Print this year. She is a junior at BHS and has attended Brownsburg schools since kindergarten. She plays tennis and loves to read in her spare time. She tutors at Clarence Farrington...

Maya Bjerke


Maya Bjerke is currently a junior at BHS and this year’s head of photography and design. She has been rowing at IRC for 3 years now, and enjoys anything and everything on the water. When she isn't at eagle creek she enjoys spending...

Liv Ramirez


Liv is a senior this year. This is her second year on the newspaper staff and she is director of the PawPrint website. Liv hopes to attend Butler University for criminal justice, law and to explore her options with journalism....

Ardasia Handlon


This is Ardasia and no she’s not white or albino, just really light. :)

Prutha Patel


Prutha Patel is a sophomore at BHS. She is Indian and knows three other languages. When she was younger she wanted to be an actor, then a fashion designer, but now is very confident that she wants to be a Dental Hygienist. She...

Izzy Semich


Izzy. Aspiring Artist, Editor, and Writer. Talk to Izz if you want to buy art from her or something. Yes, Izz does commissions. They’re cheap prices, don’t worry. Shameless self-promotion, haha. Anyway, can probably be found...

Maya Anderson


Maya Anderson is currently a sophomore at BHS. She has been writing since she was in first grade, and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. Some of her interests include horror, acting, Stephen King, dancing, eating chocolate,...

Shelby Simons


Go big or go home. ­– Shelby Simons (when asked to describe her life) Shelby has always been passionate about writing, and has even won a writing contest hosted by famous author John Green. When her nose isn’t in a boo...

Skye Wente


Skye Wente is a junior alongside her non-twin brother.  Skye moved to Brownsburg in fourth grade from a significantly smaller town.  You’ll more than likely find her buried in her phone, but don’t judge her just yet, she...

Nik Apostolovski


Nik Apostolovski is a sophomore at BHS. He enjoys writing stories and interviewing people. He’s on the BHS swim team and involved in the Brownsburg Swim Club year round. He’s a 100 flyer and aspires to get to sectionals for...

Loryn Fox


Loryn is a sophomore here at BHS and started attending Brownsburg schools her freshman year. She mostly enjoys listening to music and being with friends and her favorite color is yellow. Loryn loves potatoes because they’re...

Aissatou Signate


Aissatou is a senior at BHS and a lover of family, friends, and Chic-fil-a.

Camilo D'Lopez


Camilo, who goes by C’Lo, is a junior at BHS. He loves to watch any comedies with actors like Kevin Hart, Gabriel Iglesias, and Will Ferrell. Although he thinks the Ace Ventura movies are hilarious, The Office and Parks and Rec...