Making College Applications Easier


Hephzibah Oluwajobi, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again when mail from hundreds of colleges and universities floods students’ mailboxes. On average, every senior student receives at least two letters from a higher institution as a continuous reminder to make a choice now or in the near future. Teachers also focus on how to write the best college essay.

Having said that, here are a few challenges students face when applying to college:

  1. Indecision

Indecision with college choice: If you have indecision with the university you want to attend, there are a few factors that could help you make a choice. Ask yourself these questions: Is it cost effective? Does the distance matter? What is their rate of graduation? Do they have my major or programs I’m interested in?

Indecision with college major: Most colleges do not require you to have a major before the start of school, and some schools have programs that help you pick majors if you are undecided or want to personalize your major. So, keep that in mind while picking a school you want to apply to.

  1. Procrastination

Procrastination occurs when students put off their applications to the last minute because they would rather do something more rewarding like watch Netflix (I am guilty of this as well) or play video games. Many students procrastinate on writing the best college essay or submitting the necessary documents like their transcript.

“When applying to colleges, one challenge students face is making sure that all requirement to apply are met. We always recommend our students see what is required for admission,” College and career advisor Mrs. Martin said.

Having said that, there is no particular way to get rid of procrastination; however, pacing yourself might be the best option. Facing the whole task at once might be the big scare, but pacing yourself allows you to take the process one step at a time. Also setting up a reminder on your phone that warns you of the application deadlines gives you an overview of how you could pace yourself.

“We do encourage students to apply by that early decision so that they can be considered for merit scholarships,” Mrs. Martin said.

  1. The fear of not getting into a dream college

The fear of rejection is a fear that many students have in common, and this fear keeps many students at bay. “What ifs” plague students, with questions such as: What if I don’t get in? What if they think my grades are too low? What if my essay is not good enough?

There is a way to deal with the “What if” questions. Most students who do not get into their dream school because of their grades or any other factors can attend a community college where they get a chance to build up their GPA, and then they have more chances of getting into their dream school later on.

  1. The fear of getting into their dream college

A few students are afraid of getting into their dream school because of factors like money, distance and parents’ disapproval. These factors can keep a student from applying to college. However, I say go for it. If money is the issue, try to apply for scholarships, or do well academically because that may qualify you for some merit-based scholarship.

It is never too early to start applying to colleges. Many schools like IU Bloomington in Indiana have a November 1 deadline, and it would be easier to get your recommendation in before Brownsburg school goes on fall break.

There are also many scholarships on Naviance according to Mrs. Martin. “We do encourage students to look at fast That is a free search engine that students can use to see what scholarships they qualify for.”

So, apply for scholarships and make sure to participate in College GO! Week!

Here are a few links to scholarship websites:

Best of luck, Bulldogs!