Why Students Love Mr. Eaton


Randy Bailey, Staff Writer

Mr. Eaton has been teaching at Brownsburg for 16 years and has taught Cyber security, Computer science and business, and through it all, his students have loved him.

Mr. Eaton runs his classroom in a fairly basic way, but what makes Mr. Eatons class unique, however, is his personality. Mr. Eaton gets to know his students personally, and he treats them with respect in a way that makes coming to his class a pleasure.

“He cares about his students, he’s funny, he can actually joke around, but at the same time he still shows that he cares about the kids and the work, and his job, but he has fun with it,” said Senior Chase Pulaski. “He’s also a great conversationalist, I can talk to him about whatever.”

Mr. Eaton’s teaching style is simple, and his classes aren’t especially easy, yet they are still enjoyable because he makes them with his laid-back style.

“He’s serious when he needs to be serious, and, you know, he jokes around. Have fun with him, talk to him and get your work done in the same period . . . it’s just a good environment when he’s around,” said senior Thomas D. Hughes.

Over the last three years I’ve had classes with Mr. Eaton, I have felt that, not only has he made an effort to make meaningful relationships, but he also makes sure I understand the material in class.

“The personalities of my students, that holds true over the years,” said Eaton on his favorite part about teaching. It is apparent to his students that this is true of Eaton. The strong relationships he holds with his students aren’t isolated to just some students. I’ve been in a total of four classes with Mr. Eaton, and in all of them, I’ve seen him build relationships with all kinds of students across his classes.