Humans of BHS: How Josh Hanna embraces sneaker culture


Randy Bailey, Staff Writer

In the last few years, the United States has found a new love for high end “Hype Beast” sneakers, and BHS is no exception. This can include Nike, Jordan, Yeezy and many other brands of shoes. Senior Josh Hanna is one person who has really embraced a love for sneakers and everything around them.

“I think there’s a community in it. It’s a great talking point for people, and if you dress better, you feel better,” said Hanna on what he likes about Sneakers.

Hanna has been collecting sneakers since he was in seventh grade when he bought his first pair of Jordans, a pair of Jordan 5’s, and said he has loved sneakers ever since.

“My favorites are Nike, specifically Jordans,” said Hanna on his favorite brand of shoes.

Since he bought his first pair of high end sneakers, Hanna has bought and sold countless shoes.

“I have a rotation of 11 shoes that I wear and then my selling inventory is probably around 8 things right now,” said Hanna.

Included in his shoe rotation is a pair of Yeezy slides, which he said were his favorite shoes on account of how comfortable they are and a pair of Travis Scott Air Force Ones, which are his rarest and most expensive shoe in his collection.

Josh has had his fair share of ups and down when it comes to his collection of shoes.

“I do not like how much you have to pay for shoes, but at the same time, I like the money that you make from selling shoes,” said Hanna on his least part of collecting shoes.

Hanna has spent the better part of five years collecting shoes and has naturally learned the ups and downs of buying and selling shoes, and had one major piece of advice when it comes to collecting them:

“Uh, don’t get scammed.”