BHS Track and Field 2022 Season


Renee Walmoth, Staff Writer

As high school spring sports are underway, many have already had their first meets and/or games. This is also true for Track and Field with their first meet last week.

Not everyone notices the field events that are going on within the field: high jump, long jump, Pole vault, discus and shotput. All of these include boys and girls. While BHS no longer offers javelin, the school still has much to offer for the athletes.

Many track athletes only do one to three events. I participate in the 1600m, 800m and high jump. Track events vary in time. A meet can last anywhere from a couple of hours to some of the longer meets that last close to half of the day. The indoor meets before the official track season starts lasted about five hours.

While being involved in both distance and field events, it becomes difficult to keep up with events. Usually, I run the 1600m, check in for girl’s high jump, check out of high jump after I’ve jumped, then run my 800m and check back into high jump to continue jumping. For other athletes, they deal with the same problem. Since the years alternate between if girls or boys goes first, the field events change with times.

Track practice for distance runners happens every day after school until about 4:30pm. The sprinters alternate days: they have both purple and white days. The field events practice a few times a week. It’s true that you will be busy with track and field practice!

Please come out and support the track team throughout the course of the season. You can find our schedule on the Brownsburg athletic page. If you are interested in joining, talk to one of the coaches: Mrs. Waggoner or Mr. Pop.