Ranking Classic Poptropica Islands


Jase Stone, Staff Writer

One of my earliest elementary school memories was racing towards the computer desks to make sure I can play games before class started. My game of choice without fail every time was Poptropica. Within the game, you as a player can travel to any theme-oriented island with unique stories to each island. Poptropica came out in late 2007 and is still going strong to this day; however, few if none of the classic islands are playable anymore. Listed in the Tier list is twenty total islands, however, I’ll only go over my top ten classic islands.

Number Ten: Nabooti Island

Nabooti Island revolves around the missing jewels within Nabooti and how the player must travel across Africa to retrieve the loss jewels. Overall, this is a a very solid map and very intriguing story and characters and setting. This island was also based upon the book Choose Your Own Adventure: The Lost Jewels of Nabooti.

Number Nine: 24 Carrot Island

Coming in at the nine spot is 24 Carrot Island. A very recognizable island to any person who has played Poptropica. The main antagonist in this island is Dr. Hare who is seen wearing a pink bunny suit. The island has very simple puzzles throughout it with a funny and interesting story.

Number Eight: Super Power Island

The story behind this island is that an asteroid hit this maximum-security prison which releases prisoners into the city, but they have special superpowers. As a player you must take 0n these villains by outsmarting their special powers. This island was the second island to have non-realistic abilities within the game, the first being Time Tangled.

Number Seven: Astro Knights Island

Don’t let the ranking fool you; this island was great and easily can be listed in many top five rankings, however, I didn’t really see all the hype around it. Yes, the idea of medieval time knights mixed with space and aliens is fantastic and very interesting too. But when I played the island, it felt rushed and I couldn’t fully experience all of the cool features and little planets in the world. If I could change anything about this island, I would add more to do with the other space knights or the planets they inhabit.

Number Six: Skullduggery Island

This island is how you can play open world within Poptropica. This island was based on pirates and becoming the wealthiest and strongest of them all. The open world concept this island has is insane with having the ability to navigate through treacherous water, and the fears of an enemy ship coming up to battle makes it all so much better. Through puzzles and trade, the player can rack up coin after coin to help them buy bigger and stronger ships. This world provided a new path for Poptropica islands with the same idea and concept.

Number Five: Wild West Island

This island is the better version of Skullduggery Island in my opinion. I love the ideas of cowboys and traveling from town to town on horse back and sometimes running into bandits along the way. This island is exactly like Skullduggery Island with the concepts of travel and upgrading through play overtime. The sole reason why Wild West Island ranks above Skullduggery is because of the story. The player starts as a wannabe cowboy that turns into the hero of the Wild West. This Island also does an excellent job with character designs and world building.

Number Four: Red Dragon Island

This Island is the best book-themed island out of the classic twenty islands. The island is based on the Magic Tree House book Red Dragon. The reason this island does so well in my opinion is for three reasons: the intriguing story/character designs, the interactives within the island and the final mission for the island. The world is based in Old Japan with the shogun, samurais and ninjas. The story revolves around the player and kids traveling to Old Japan and the kids get captured, and it’s the player’s job to go and free them. Before you can enter into Old Japan, the game has the player help fish for koi, help repair a bridge and then maintain a bonsai tree. The game then later has you learn how to become a ninja to help save the kids, which leads into the last mission. On the mission, you climb and defeat other ninjas/samurai and then eventually save the kids. Overall, an amazing island and my personal favorite book-themed island.

Number Three: Mythology Island

For the start of the top three best classical islands in my opinion is Mythology Island. I understand a lot of people have this island as the second best, and I can totally understand that. The antagonist within this island has appeared in a few other islands as the main antagonist, which is peculiar because of the variety of themes within Poptropica. This island is the most common island for players to get hooked on playing Poptropica. The multitudes of sceneries this world offers are the best out of all the classic islands with no doubt. Also, the puzzles and battles within this island are top tier. From traveling in the minotaur’s maze to traveling across the depths of Hell to meet Hades, it is a very fun and eye-catching experience to have as a player. There truly are no flaws to this island’s character designs, story or interactives at all. This island like said before, can easily be seen as a number two spot, but not for me.

Number Two: Cryptid Island

The runner-up as the best classic island is Cryptid Island. As not being one of the most popular islands Poptropica has to offer, it is still my favorite island in general. This island revolves around the idea of cryptid monsters such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I personally am very interested in cryptids, so this island was perfect for me. The main objective of this island was to prove and find evidence of cryptids around the world. Along with the different monsters, came a little educational video describing the cryptid and the stories about it. They were always very eerie and creepy, but that’s what made them all the more interesting to me. The interactives within this island were also very well made and interesting too. The story and character designs of the cryptids also made the island so much better than it already is.

Number One: Reality TV Island

It’s obvious what would be listed as the best classic island and that of course is Reality TV Island. Overall compared to other islands, it doesn’t have the best/most complete story or character designs at that, but the replay ability this game had to offer is what makes it the best island. The island is based on the show “Survivor” as in competing in various competitions, and at the end of each game, someone would be voted off until there were only two left. With most Poptropica games, after the player has completed the island, there really is not much left to do with it. But with Reality TV Island, you can infinitely play until your heart is content. The games within the “show” are also extremely easy to understand and very fun to play also. Out of all the islands from classic Poptropica, Reality TV Island is the most remembered and played because of the amazing replay ability it offered, and that’s why it is ranked at number one.