Prom Com


Caleb Peschke, Editor-in-chief

Brownsburg senior class of 2022 has undoubtedly been through a lot during their four years, but this year has seemed to be the most normal that it could be. As the academic year ends, prom and graduation are what the focus turns to after winter break. Seemingly this is when senioritis sets in the most, but for the most part, the kids stick on track with what they want to achieve before graduation.

This year’s prom is different as the tickets are limited, and not much is publicly known about the planning process. We set out to figure out the details with CHAIN Link sponsors Katie Baughman, one of BHS art teachers, and Bryan Padgett, one of our speech teachers.

“I do not do much of the hands-on stuff. We are just here to support you guys and talk to the admin when we have the details together. Padgett and I are only a front, not the masterminds,” Baughman said.

“We tend to have the juniors plan out the prom as each grade level has something different to plan out. First- and second-year students focus on homecoming, juniors focus on prom, and seniors focus on student-led events and community outreach. Each senator has a say on what we do, and as a group, it is decided what happens. At the beginning of each year, we have a lot of push, but once winter break happens, the energy dies down,” Padgett said.

While they may be the sponsors, they are not the only ones completing the work to finalize our proms planning. Mr. Duran and Ms. Burris are a part of the planning committee, and they work closely with our juniors to complete the plan for our yearly proms. They are a part of the Junior class sponsors.

“Luckily for us, some stuff was set up from last year’s prom. Last year only had 200 guests, so this year we were allowed more capacity. We have 900 tickets to sell. Although it is ours, Ms. Burris and I, first-year being CHAIN Link sponsors, it has been a process to plan the prom. This year’s prom planning has gone smoothly. It has been a lot of work, but the help of last year being given to us it made it easier. We have had a lot of juniors this year help hands-on with prom, and they have some unique views on prom than BHS traditional prom. The junior senate had hands-on experience with planning it from as small as the colors picked for prom up to the major things like food choice. The only drawback was they did not have control over the tickets being sold, and the capacity of the venue,” Duran said.

Brownsburg’s juniors and seniors have been looking forward to this spectacular weekend, and some of their own questions were answered.

“We are sending a Google form soon to receive requests, and we have a new DJ this time around. The venue will last from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm with the doors opening for breathalyzing at 7. Our food will consist of burgers, mocktails, cake pops, tea cookies, mozzarella sticks and French fries,” Duran added.

This year has been wonky, but with the end in sight, Brownsburg’s upper-level students have something to look forward to in early May before finals and graduation.