Earth Day


Renee Walmoth, Staff Writer

Earth Day has been around since 1970 and continues to come around each year on April 22. Our very first national Earth Day was held on 1990. People often wonder what Earth Day is about and what they can do to help the environment.

While some usually pick up trash or donate to a local environmental club, you can do so much more, including the following:

  • Recycle plastics and aluminum and make sure batteries are not thrown away!
  • Go outside and have a picnic
  • Walk or bike to school
  • Find people to help pick up trash around the community
  • Eat organic foods

Although not everyone participates in Earth Day, it is important to know the history behind the holiday. As I mentioned before, Earth Day has been around for many years and continues to show up every April 22. Senator Gaylord Nelson was concerned about the environment and how the United States was slowly going downhill. After the oil spills in California 1969, he decided something needed to change. Nelson als0 wanted to make sure there was a rise in anti-war protests. He’s the one pushed for the creation of Earth Day, even helping decide the date it should be.

Over 20 million Americans participated in helping cleanse the environment. Eventually in 1990, the holiday went national for having so many participants with more than 200 million people.

In 2010, teachers and students participated in a day-long conference. There, the students learned about planting trees, giving care back to the Earth and how their environmental actions affected the community.

For Earth Day, families can participate too! During my elementary years, my parents started to become vegetarian and learned the importance of this and how it affects both the environment and them. Not only did they go vegetarian, but they also went all organic. The chemicals in pesticides can be extremely harmful for crop that host animals and bugs. These chemicals can damage the soils and cause dangerous infections to be spread through animals and bugs. Aldi is one of many stores that has organic foods available for families.

April 22 doesn’t have to be the only day to celebrate Earth Day. We should be able to celebrate every day! Remember: reduce, reuse and recycle.