Why My Singing Monsters Is Great and Why You Should Play It


Mitchell Velikan, Design Editor

With finals creeping up and study sessions in full swing, many students of BHS are searching for a stress relieving escape from their normal workload. Lucky for you, the solution has been found. A relic of elementary school past, My Singing Monsters, is the perfect stress reliever.

With an organized progression system, the player starts their island with a mammott monster. This combines with your second monster to breed a new creature. If it hasn’t been inferred from the game’s title, the monsters all sing. The beginning song starts out quite bland with just the mammott, but with each new monster, the song gets more layers. With games like Clash of Clans and other base builders, you do see that progression, but does that progression make an evolving soundtrack? No.

The game is perfect for finals week cramming because the downtime accumulated while you study will build up coins and gems for use when you can hop back into the game. When you do have off periods or free time, the game’s RPG-style combat mode lends itself well to continuous playing.

Don’t stress if you already get every monster that is available for the first song because you can upgrade to new islands and get new breeds of monsters. The game is quite unique in this way because each monster acts different on the separate islands. On one island, you may have a certain favorite, but it may change depending on the way they interact with the beat.

On the side, my colleagues and I created a ranking of the first island’s monsters. While some of the monsters are distinctly different in their aesthetic and sound, it is difficult to find one that is not loveable in some way.

In a time where many students feel overwhelmed by looming exams, My Singing Monsters gives a much-needed serotonin boost. From the fun sounds, the cute monsters and the depth of the game’s layers, My Singing Monsters becomes the complete package.