Becoming Soph


Caleb Peschke, Editor-in-chief

BHS is a large school compared to the others in Hendricks County, and it is continuing to grow both in size of the building and those entering it. Each first-year class coming in does not always know what they need help with. As freshmen reflect on their first year in high school, they have some things to say.

“First-year has been different, but I would consider it more fun than middle and elementary school. While it has been slow at times, I am looking forward to my sophomore year,” Owen Brown said.

Many first-year students come in with a little bit of fear about the next four years of their lives, but Parker Huff had a different outlook on it.

“It has been a great start to my high school career, and it has set me up for the rest of high school,” Huff said.

Athletics can affect everybody differently with their time management skills. Overall, student-athletes had to buy into dedicating their time and effort to benefiting the team, but on the other hand, it can take away from educational motivation. Gavin Barnes was able to ask for help when he knew that he was struggling.

“My teachers gave me more time for my homework as they knew swimming took up my time, and they did not want to rush me. It helped me stay on track rather than derailing myself,” Barnes said.

Brown and Huff had similar statements about their time management skills.

“The office asked if I needed help with my grades, and they made sure that I was doing well academically,” Brown said.

“I was given the option to be helped with work by the admin team. My teachers have been enthusiastic about helping out where necessary,” Huff said.

Helping the incoming class get on track for what the future will entail is a beautiful thing that the upperclassmen can do for freshmen both socially and academically.

“Time management is key and staying focused on what needs to be done. Freshman year is something to be excited about, not nervous about. It will be a lot of fun,” Huff said.

“I do not like being helped constantly, so I would be a loose follow and help when needed. If they get off track, I will help guide them back to where they want to be. They should have goals to achieve, or there is no point in coming to school,” Brown said.

Like Brown’s statement, Barnes had something to add.

“Freshman year has been a good year, better than I had thought. Just get a feel for things first, and don’t stand out. Get yourself a good group of friends, and don’t fool around,” Barnes said.