Are you a plant lover? Or a plant killer?


Hephzibah Oluwajobi, Staff Writer

Houseplants are finally getting the spotlight now. On different social media platforms, there’s a new trend in which millennials become “Plant parents” and just like every parent they show their baby off. According to a Business Insider, “In 2020 sales for potted foliage plants were up 23 percent, and a year later the plant growing industry was worth 16 billion dollars.” Some people own plants like how a coin collector owns coins for trophies and for personal achievements.

Most people often back their need for house plants with research they read on the internet. Studies have indeed shown that plants can improve someone’s productivity and mental health issues associated with stress.

As a high school senior, I have a lot on my plate, especially with taking college-level classes and working after school. However, for many people, a busy schedule is not enough to keep them from owning many plants.

My two good friends Aimee Plachta and Morgan Perry are plant lovers, even with their busy schedules they are committed to taking care of plants or having different collections of them. Plachta plays tennis most days of the week and she once had a job. On the other hand, Perry is the president of the BHS environmental club, and she also works at Starbucks.

I interviewed them to find why they are in love with house plants. Not surprisingly they had a similar response:I think they are so fun and unique. I feel happy because I can keep something alive and it is an accomplishment and when it grows, I just feel so proud,” said Plachta.

“They make me so happy. I love them because they are like little babies. They are very pure beings and so full of everything” Aimee also said jokingly “plants can’t stab you in the back,” Perry said.

When I spoke to them their face lit up and they had this look on their face that showed that they are plant lovers not killers.

Why is it important to be a plant lover? Because not everyone who owns a house plant are plant lovers; they can be plant killers. If I were to get a house plant, I would be part of the 67 percent of millennials who identify as plant murderers. While this might sound light-hearted it is a serious issue that involves the environment.

“The world without plants would not exist. They are a major part of the ecosystem and the reason we can actually breathe,” said Perry

Some people don’t mean to kill plants; many people just don’t know the right conditions to raise a plant.  Most people (myself included) assume water and sunlight is always the answer. Some people dote on their plants (the plant just needs some time alone!) which can be as dangerous as neglecting plants.

So before buying a plant it is important to do some research online to see what conditions would be suitable for growth and how much attention it needs. Don’t be afraid to ask an expert if you have a dying plant, because there’s nothing bad about asking for help. Be a plant Lover.