Teachers Thoughts: Summer Break Edition

Teachers Thoughts: Summer Break Edition

Angel Ratcliff, Staff Writer

BHS students and staff, it’s almost time for summer break. You know what that means for The Paw Print. Pack your bags and get ready for these interviews!

We interviewed three teachers to see what their plans are for this summer. Let’s check and see what answers they gave us!

Question 1: Before the school year ends, what do you wish will happen before you go into summer break?

Mrs. Condon: “I hope I will be able to collect all the missing assignments from my students so that they all go into finals with the best grades possible for Quarter 4.”

Mr. Evans: “As an academic coach, I wish that all my students would pass all their classes.”

Mrs. Sciacca: “Everybody turns in their final assessment without me having to badger them about it. Then, getting all of those assessments graded before final exams.”

We love Teachers who want their students to see them graduate!

Question 2: How do you feel about summer break coming up?

Mrs. Condon: “I’m ready for the summer.  Even though I love coming to teach at BHS every day, it’s always nice to step away for a little bit and recharge.”

Mr. Evans: “I am excited to be able to see the finish line for this year; it’s been a long school year.”

Mrs. Sciacca: “Excited! I love being outdoors, so I’m eager to be out in the sunshine. By July, I’ll miss my coworkers, the students and the routine, but this upcoming summer will be a nice break.”

Question 3:  During summer break, what is something you wish to do?

Mrs. Condon: “I hope to reorganize my closet, tend my garden and flowers, go on fun outings with my family (like go to the movies, hiking, parks, new restaurants, etc.), go swimming and hang out with friends and family.  Also hoping my family plans something fun to celebrate my birthday in June.”

Mr. Evans: I would like to travel more with my family. I want to take my children to places that I couldn’t go as a child.”

Mrs. Sciacca: “Kayaking, hiking, canoeing — I live near Eagle Creek, so I’m there a couple times a week during the summer. I’m also a giant book nerd, so I’ll probably be outside soaking up the sun and getting through some of my reading list.”

Question 4: Do you have something planned out now for summer break?

Mrs. Condon: “This summer I have two trips planned. One to Florida with my family to visit my father-in-law and one to France with students in July. I’m sure I’ll also go up to Chicago at least a couple times to visit my dad to help him get his house ready to sell so he can move down here closer to us.  My younger daughter turns six in July, and we’ll be having her birthday party at Brightly Art Study too.”

Mr. Evans: “I work for a Summer Academy over the summer. It’s a six weeks program, so I really have no summer break to be honest. But education is what I love to do.”

Mrs. Sciacca: “I’m hoping to travel to Michigan or Ohio – I have friends in both places, so I’m hoping to visit them!”