Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Aissatou Barry, Staff Writer

Family is a pretty important part of everyone’s life; it’s important to surround yourself with family, so let’s’ check out the different family traditions around BHS, starting with the freshman:

  • Carson Willis: “We visit my grandma’s tombstone every mothers day.”
  • Maggie Gaughan: “For Christmas, [we] visit family and [give] extended family gifts.”
  • Maddie Lidgard: “For Christmas, we go to family’s up north and have a redneck Christmas.”
  • MacKenzie Moffitt: “For Thanksgiving, family comes over.”
  • Haylie Goodel: “For Christmas, we will all get together and Easter. Birthdays, we go to the person’s house on the nearest Sunday.”


Up next there are the sophomores: 

  • Paige Wedehase: Christmas tradition of matching PJ’s and orange cinnamon rolls.
  • Kadence Abbott: For Christmas, goes to Mexico.
  • Nick Johnson: After family dinner, we play card games. 
  • Renee: We make pizzelles every year. During Christmas, we give them to everyone: family, friends, teachers and staff. 
  • Angel: Every Christmas, my siblings come over to my mom’s house and we have a family dinner with turkey, pie, mashed potatoes. After we’re done eating, we open all the presents we got each other.
  • Evan: I get together with my family every year for the 4th of July at my grandparents’ house.

With the sophomores and freshman, the major traditions all revolve around the holidays.

Next there are the juniors.

  • Maurico Cazeres: We go to church every Sunday. During the holidays, we like to get together and say prayers. Every Friday with my dad, we would watch scary or any movies in general.
  • Nicholas Welch: We try to do game nights every two months for a family get-together.
  • Erin Roper: We always do some sort of vacation over the summer. At Christmas, we have a big gathering at our house.
  • Jayden Whitaker: Eating ice cream on a good day.
  • Keegan Moore: We go to Florida once a year.
  • Roman Cordenn: On Christmas Eve, we open open presents from the kids.
  • Preston Jarvis: Pizza with my family every Christmas Eve. 
  • Jaxon Lemieux: My cousins come to town for 4th of July every year. 


Majority of the juniors traditions tend to be around halfway revolving around the holidays and just having a fun thing to do every once and a while.


Finally, last but not least, the family traditions within the seniors.

  • Jase: Every fall break, we go down to Fort Morgan Alabama, and the first night we get there, we always have pizza.
  • Randy: On Sundays, my family goes to my mom’s house and during football season and have football food. And for Christmas Eve, we would go sleep and open stockings in the morning.
  • Mitchell: Most holidays, we hang around the house and make dinner and have a family dinner with my grandma.
  • Sam: I have a big family of around 200 people; every two years, we have a family reunion in South Dakota, and it’s about a week long and for a family get together, since it’s so big. 
  • Willis: Sundays, me and my mom watch football all day long. She watches the Colts game, and I watch the Buccaneers games, and we just talk about it all day long.





For seniors, staying close with their loved ones on holidays and non-holidays seems like the trend.

The majority of BHS students from all grade levels and their family traditions all revolve around the holidays. Holidays are a great way to spend time with your family and loved ones. It is great to see so many people also spending time with their families and getting closer to one another during such happy times, spreading joy and laughter all around. As summer break is coming soon, be sure to spend more time with your family; it’s such a beautiful time to make such great memories. Who knows, you could even start a new tradition!