Good Mourning: A Review

Em Eades, Staff Writer

I did it. I did what nobody should: I watched the new Machine Gun Kelly movie, Good Mourning. Do I regret it? Yes and no. Let me explain.

The movie’s premise is very simple. Kelly’s character, London, gets a text from his girlfriend, Apple, saying “Good Mourning,” and he takes this as his girlfriend breaking up with him. He then has to go on a crazy adventure to figure out what is going on, and he has to figure out if he wants to play Batman or save his relationship.

This movie is a movie that should be laughed at. It’s very goofy and has very bad scripting.

It has a star studded cast, but the writing is very, very bad. There is a lot of drug use, and it’s very campy. It’s written by Colson Baker himself, along with Mod Sun.

Positives: Megan Fox is in it and is wonderful, and so is Pete Davidson. I only wish they got more screen time.

Negatives: All the other characters have literally no personality.

There is a lot of stuff I could complain about and praise, but that isn’t what you’re here for. Would I recommend it as a good movie? No. Ff you want a good laugh, would I then recommend this? Yes. 100%. It’s so bad, it’s good, and I honestly think I might have wasted 15 bucks to buy it. Don’t go see it. Wait till it’s free on some shady website, or it’s on Netflix. A warning: it is rated R, so be aware.