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Student Swarm

Students navigate crowded hallways during building construction

With all the construction going on, students are being crammed into one area of the school. What issues does this cause? The hallways are extremely crowded and make it harder to get through and get to classes. These issues are very prominent at the end of the school day by the Bulldog Staircase. Because of the overflow of students, it can be harder for students to get where they need to go as the crowds may be going in a different direction than the way they would like to go. 

When it comes to the hallways, the stairs are the most prominent crowding areas. It can take forever to even get to them or just get to the next level. The emptiest hallways in the school appear to be the band, art, and language hallways, making getting to those classes much easier than going to biology or algebra. 

After 2:50, the area by the Bulldog Staircase is flooded with students. This can be an issue for those trying to get to their bus or trying to get to Door 1 as the crowds will block the way. As time has gone on, though, the crowds have lessened and the way to the bus door has become easier to get to; however, the way to Door 1 has become harder as the people on the staircase all mostly head towards the bus door, sweeping everyone along with them.  

Because of the amount of space being taken and how full the stairs tend to be, it is best to find an alternate route when possible as the main staircases will remain filled for the entire school year. This overtime may become less and less of an issue but until then, it is recommended to find lesser-known routes and paths to make it to class and out of the building. 

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