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Song Review of “Bro” by CG5

Marguerite Sears with CG5 on September 16, 2023. Photo by Amber Meranda

“Bro” is a single released on Sept. 8, 2023 by CG5 (Charlie Green). The song’s title comes from the “Bro 💀” comments frequently made on TikTok.

While the song “Bro” could be considered a joke, it makes a clear point. His lyrics are interesting and make the listener want to think about the choices they’ve made on social media. They touch on mob mentality because of social media, and how many go with the crowd to avoid being ridiculed: “That means their opinion means nothing! Mob mentality makes ‘em think it means something.” If a person pushes aside their true beliefs to adopt the views of the public, they could become irrelevant and unimportant. “Bro” also discusses how the people who rally under this mob mentality tend to believe that they’re superior: “Do something with yourself / You’re not any better than anybody else.” CG5 puts emphasis on the importance of not doing something because you believe you’re better than others, and that you aren’t allowed to do whatever you want.

Lyrics of the song aside, it also has a good vibe to it. “Bro” is a song meant to be enjoyed by all fans of CG5, but it’s also meant to be heard by those who criticize the points he has made in more recent songs. His voice has a distinct sound that is recognizable by frequent listeners, and the sounds behind CG5’s voice are reminiscent of glitching. There’s a pattern of beats that pause at key moments in the song to add emphasis. While CG5’s music may not be for everyone, fans of video game music and EDM should give him a shot.

For those who’ve already listened to “Bro” and enjoyed it, try listening to “Only in Ohio” and “Grimace (feat. Djsmell)”. Both songs are about pop culture, like “Bro”. And for the people who are more interested in video games than current pop culture, songs like “Crawling” and “Every Door” might be more appealing. CG5 has a variety of songs, but most of his music revolves around video games, other content creators and pop culture. If none of those things sound interesting, then CG5 isn’t a good choice of artist. But for everyone who adores those topics, then consider listening to some of his music.

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