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Speech & Debate Team

Lauren Brickler

The speech and debate club at BHS has allowed students to empower and share their thoughts and arguments publicly across other schools for about six years now. Students can use their creative writing and public speaking skills to professionally compete against other students. 

The speech and debate club can be a great way to express a passion that a students may have with competing and winning. The students compete to win ribbons and to elevate their speaking skills. “We go to other schools and compete in different events… the judges rank you based on how well you speak, how well your piece is written, articulation, hand movement, everything like that,” senior Eucki Li, one of the club leaders, said. For years, different speech and debate clubs have been judged based on the skill and technique used to complete their arguments. 

The speech and debate club can be great for a variety of different hobbies that some people enjoy. “I was always a creative writer and always wanted to get my pieces out there,” Li said. “So, I decided to join speech and debate as a way of self-expression.” Speech and Debate is a great way to express interests and hobbies.  

The club also works hard to be beneficial towards the students and help them in the future. “It helps me be more solid and confident for things in the future. Including now, too, it has helped me in a lot of situations that have speech involved,” senior Isabel Reina, who has been apart of the club since she was a junior, said. “I also want to speak in court. It has already helped me prepare for all of that.” A lot of students can use the club as future reference in both publicity and job specializations, or just to express their inner hobbies and skills with a purpose.

“Honestly the most exciting part is seeing one of my teammates get a ribbon,” Reina said.  

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