Team Sports


Randy Bailey, Staff Writer

Team sports is an optional class for students at BHS that want a competitive environment to play sports during the school day. The class is taught by Mr. Whitaker during periods one, two and six.

One of Team Sports’ biggest draws is the various units of sports. Normally during the fall days, students play football for two weeks, with a tournament during the second week. Then students will play a sport called boundry ball for two weeks with another tournament. Finally, students will do a soccer or ultimate football unit. During the winter, students play basketball for two weeks, volleyball for two weeks and softball for two weeks.

“The enthusiasm and excitement has grown; kids talk about what we’re doing in class throughout the school, and then our tournaments we have for the different sports. Just the overall excitement from the students is very noticeable,” Whitaker said on the buzz around the school for Team Sports.

Between these units, students have free days where they can choose to play various sports. If students are outside, they can play football, soccer or walk around the football field. Inside students can play basketball, soccer or walk the track. These days are many students’ favorite days, as they can get competitive play in sports that they love. Students in the class love having the ability to play these competitive games of football or basketball as it’s hard to find that caliber of game otherwise.

“I love the interactions with the kids, and I think my favorite subject growing up was always PE, so I love to see students enjoy taking this class, having fun. Sometimes PE isn’t always a class everyone wants to take, but typically students want to be in there,” Whitaker said on his favorite part of teaching the class.

Team sports is a class available to all students from sophomore to senior year and has grown exponentially over the last five years that Whitaker has been teaching the class.

“The first year I did it, I only had 30 kids per class, and now basically all the classes I have 40 kids,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker has been teaching the class for over 5 years and has had many students return for all three years that they’re eligible to take the class.

“He’s always been a great teacher; he doesn’t just treat his students like students–he gets to know them,” senior Demetrius Chapman said on Whitaker

If you are a student who is interested in playing sports year-round during the school day, Team Sports is a great option if you have an extra spot in your schedule.