Taylor Swift v. Men

Jase Stone, Randy Bailey, and Mitchell Velikan

Taylor Swift: icon, singer and relationship-haver with fifteen different men.

Taylor Swift is an American singer and song writer. Swift started her singing career at the age of fifteen with her first hit song “Tim McGraw” coming out in 2006. Taylor Swift is known for making music in different genres and still have them be chart top ten. However, Taylor Swift is also known for another reason.

As of November 2021, Swift has had a total of fifteen different confirmed boyfriends. Swift is known to base her songs and albums around her ex-boyfriends. The first song about an ex was “Tim McGraw.” Some other famous songs she has made are “All Too Well” about Jake Gyllenhaal, “Style” about Harry Styles and “I Knew You Were Trouble” about John Mayer.

Swift fans either love or hate her ex-boyfriends, with little in between. When asked about which boyfriend was the worst and which was the best, senior Mackenzie Meade stated, “Worst is John Mayer because he did Taylor wrong. And the best is Harry Styles because we love Harry Styles.”

From a poll conducted within the BHS student populus, about 165 students out of 318 said that they do not like Taylor Swift or her music. Taylor Swift is a very popular artist worldwide, however amongst students at BHS, not so much.

Though plenty of drama surrounds Swift and her songs, the general public still very much enjoys her and her music. “I think her music is good,” commented senior Alexander Walters.