BHS Students Name the Worst Fast Food Restaurant in Brownsburg


Randy Bailey, Staff Writer

Fast food is a famously polarizing subject. Many love it, but many hate it, and even inside of fast food, the subject is polarizing. Take Arby’s as an example. Arby’s is often regarded as the lowest form of food. Pure garbage. Some, however, regard Arby’s as a fast-food holy grail. There is no easy answer to the question. BHS students chimed in, naming the three grossest fast food restaurants.

The fast food restaurant voted the third worst by BHS students was Burger King, with 11 percent of votes. Burger King recently created a deal where customers can buy ten nuggets for $1.49. This begs the question, how can the restaurant afford to maintain such low prices? The common joke is that the nuggets are not even made of chicken, even if it most likely isn’t true. Overall, Burger King is generally regarded by BHS students as gross.

The second worst fast food restaurant according to BHS students is Arby’s, receiving 18 percent of the votes. Arby’s simply does not have an appetizing menu. Generally speaking, the average 14–18-year-old is not really interested in eating a fast food roast beef sandwich. Along with the less than appetizing sandwiches, they have other strange items on their menu like their gyro and the Meat Mountain on their secret menu (it’s real: look it up). The atmosphere of the store doesn’t really help. From a distance and from the inside, the store looks just a little gross, which is enough to deter most students.

Before we name the fast food restaurant voted the worst by BHS students, there were a few honorable mentions. Receiving only one solitary vote were four fast food restaurants. These were Panda Express, Subway, Hardee’s and Sonic. Receiving 3 percent of votes was Wendy’s. Taco Bell received 5 percent of the votes. McDonald’s just escaped the top three worst restaurants, receiving 9 percent of the votes, and of these students, 75 percent of  mentioned McDonald’s faulty ice cream machines.

The number one worst rated fast food restaurant by BHS students, with an astounding 49% of the votes, was White Castle. White Castle has a few key issues, but many of these issues aren’t even with the food at the restaurant. The main issue with White Castle is the atmosphere. White Castle looks and feels nasty to many people. Despite having a few bright spots, like their milkshakes and chicken rings, many students at BHS simply feel like the atmosphere of White Castle is gross. The other most common complaint was the smell of White Castle. One student even brought up how it effects the smell of the fridge the next day, saying it was “the worst smell they had ever experienced.”

Overall, while the student body finds restaurants like Burger King and Arby’s gross, no fast food place compares to how much the students of Brownsburg dislike White Castle. With nearly half of the student body voting for White Castle, there is a clear loser among the fast food chains.